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Thank you to all the riders who turned out for today’s trial lovely day in the sun for it!  Thanks as always to the people that make our trials such a success; the observers, section plotters and the club officials.  We have also had final totals from the sponsorship and donations from last year’s Susan Harris Memorial Trial.  The total amount raised was £1900 and was donated to Rainbows Children’s Hospice.



Todays trial has highlighted a few issues that need addressing:-


1) Entry Forms - Please fill these out in clear BLOCK CAPITAL letters.  We have struggled to decipher what some of the entry forms actually say today.  Also please be sure to complete all relevant boxes such as machine and especially your ACU number.  Entry forms must be completed fully as detailed in TSR 2 - Entries in the ACU Handbook, "An Event Entry Form must be completed in every detail, and signed by each rider and passenger."


Additionally with entry forms do not "make up" route options.  We have had a couple of forms recently where a rider has written in what route they think they should be riding.  If the option is not there for that route either choose Fun (all routes except Hard) or the relevant route on Hard e.g. Youth.  The Youth classes have been assigned to routes and the relevant route should be ridden.


2) "Looping" a section - All Loughborough Trials (and indeed all trials) should be ridden as laps e.g. starting at a section and then riding the next section in order (e.g. ride section 4 then section 5).  We have had comments from observers that riders are requesting / attempting to ride the same section multiple times within the same lap.  This is not in the spirit of trials as the section conditions could change from the start of the day to the end of the day.  This then impacts riders who are riding the trials correctly.


This is detailed in TSR 18 - Observed Sections "Sections and Sub-Sections shall be numbered or lettered and ridden in the correct sequence unless otherwise instructed by the organisers."


3) Observers - Thankfully today we had a full complement of observers, without who these trials would not run as smoothly or even at all.  Please remember to respect the observers as they are giving up their time to observe our sections.



May Trials route winners are:-

Hard Route - Billy Craig

50/50 Route - Ian Margetts

Yellow Route - Olly Wareing

White Route - Michael Smalley

We have now created a Loughborough Trials Club Facebook page.  Please pop over to Facebook and like our page.


Post up any pictures you have of Loughborough Trials on our page too!


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